caribe norwé

songwriting and music production

About Caribe Norwé

Drawing from diverse musical and personal backgrounds, Eric and Pierre can contribute to any stage of the songwriting and production process. Slang for "Caribbean Northwest", Caribe Norwé highlights the coming together of two worlds in our music. We embrace the genre-less future and are excited by the possibilities of bringing all of our influences into songwriting and music production.

We can add value to your project by collaborating on songwriting, arrangement, composition, melodies, and lyrics. With our strong production background we can ensure your project presents the best it can with recording, sound design, mixing and other production-based work.

Caribe Norwé can be a one-stop shop, or a valuable addition to your team.


Julimar - To Rico Caribe Norwé - Longing Caribe Norwé - Nine Days juracán - My Mind AzziDay - Human Endeavor juracán - Dame Todo Caribe Norwé - Drive With Me juracan - You Said, Lecciones juracan - Jarineo